Contributing to Photologue

Contributions are always very welcome. Even if you have never contributed to an open-source project before - please do not hesitate to offer help. Fixes for typos in the documentation, extra unit tests, etc... are welcome. And look in the issues list for anything tagged “easy_win”.


Django-photologue is hosted on Github, so if you have not already done so, read the excellent Github help pages. We try to keep the workflow as simple as possible, so we more-or-less follow the recommendations in the “GitHub Flow” blog post.

  • The “more or less” is because we don’t do immediate releases.

Coding style

Nothing surprising here - just try to follow the conventions used by Django itself.

New features

If you’re interested in developing a new feature for Photologue, it is recommended that you first discuss it on the mailing list so as not to do any work that might not get merged in anyway.

Unit tests

Including unit tests with your contributions will earn you bonus points, maybe even a beer. So write plenty of tests.


Keeping the documentation up-to-date is very important - so if your code changes how Photologue works, please check that the documentation is still accurate, and update it if required.

We use Sphinx to prepare the documentation; please refer to the excellent docs on that site for help.

P.S. The CHANGELOG is part of the documentation :-) so if your patch needs the end user to do something - e.g. run a South migration - don’t forget to update it!


Photologue manages the application translations with Transifex. Contributions are very welcome, either by editing the translations directly on the Transifex site, or by submitting pull requests with updated .po files.


Remember that the maintainer looks after django-photologue in his spare time - so it might be a few weeks before your pull request gets looked at... and the pull requests that are nicely formatted, with code, tests and docs included, will always get reviewed first :-)

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